Dear Bride...

I don’t blog much, and I’ve stopped apologizing for it. You should too. Like why do I have to say I’m sorry? I blog when I have time, and when there is something I have to say. Recently I’ve had a real awakening with my engagement sessions, and more than ever I am striving to connect with the couples that have hired me. I know it. I can feel the connection between me, my camera, and the couple. How is this happening? Well. It’s all about communication. I’ve realized I’ve become too complacent. I need to take more of an active role by guiding these couples into the shoot they are really after and the shoots I am after. Sessions are mostly about talking. The gift of gab. Couples are nervous. I’ve had the last 3 couples say they have spent the entire day preparing for our session, and one was so nervous she got sick right before the session. This is real anxiety people. Real fear. During the session though, they marvel at how relaxed and fun this is, and how they can’t believe they wasted the day feeling so stressed! I’ve heard this story a lot over the years, and while I try to tell them to relax weeks and days before the session, it’s not until we are all laughing and having a great time that they realize things are going to be ok! I don’t bite!


So how do we get those amazing “instagram” engagement photos where everyone is so natural? Like who doesn’t take photos while they are making pancakes and feeding them too each other? Or better yet, they’re in the bathtub having a glass of champagne? While I love these, and they do show an amazing amount of creativity, it is just seriously not realistic. It’s cute, but not real. On the other hand, maybe that is what the couple wants anyway- some dreamy shoot where they have created their own world. I can get on board with that too, however in MY world, couples are happy if they can get a photo of them smiling and not blinking…

An engagement session in my mind, is a session in which the couple is announcing to the world that they are together, they are in love, and they are getting married. My goal is to create a set of images which shows how much they love each other, how happy they are together, and how in love they both are. I also want the images to show their personalities, and the fun they have together.

Read that paragraph again. I am often told how shy they are, how the fiance hates pictures, how they are both awkward, how they don’t like smiling, how they would rather be literally doing any.thing.else. but taking pictures. I get that. Raise your hand if you want to walk around with a person you’ve never met, while you are trying to “have fun” with your fiance, as a stranger is taking your picture. Seriously. That is literally what I am asking people to do. When you put it that way, it sounds strange to say the least. Yet, here we are.


Lately, I’ve realized I’m really not asking the right questions to my couples who want really great engagement sessions. If you want these images, there will be some work on your part. It will be worth it, but it will take some work. Here’s what I mean. Say you want the really fun spontaneous natural happy looking photos. The couples are kissing and holding each other, and just SO into each other! Ok, cool. How are you kissing in public? Holding hands? Hugging each other and showing your love for the world to see? Seriously. You have to really think about this. If you are the type that has a problem putting your hugs, kisses, and hand-holding on display then what makes you think you can pull this off during our session? I’ve dealt with this so many times, and never realized that I AM NOT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS BEFORE THE SESSION! If you have a problem with PDA (public displays of affection) then you probably will not be able to overcome this in front of a stranger with a camera. Maybe practicing a few months or weeks before our session will help you? Everything takes practice; if kissing and squeezing each other while you're out and about is not a normal thing for you, yet you crave the pictures that demonstrate this, then you have to practice. You have to get into the habit of doing that so that it becomes natural.

Now don’t worry, I will guide you so that we can create those photos, but I also want you to feel comfortable doing this, and to feel that comfort, it will take a little practice with your fiance!


I want you to be happy with your photos. I want you to look through them over and over again and think, OMG. THAT IS US!! In order to have those images, you have to be comfortable with yourselves, and allow yourselves to go on display. I will do everything I can to make sure we are having a good time. We will be talking and laughing so much, you’ll forget we are taking pictures. But, I need help from you too.


I am so excited to work with you, and follow you to your wedding day. This is just the beginning! Engagement sessions are fun for me; I get to see how you both work together, we get to create magic before the magic of your wedding day! I want it to be fun for you too! I want this shoot to be successful, and I want you to get what you want out of this. So HELP ME help you! :-)

Talk soon!



It’s really not something I think of often.  I mean who does?  Once a year I take my ring in to get the settings checked, and to get it cleaned, but other than that, I wear it and really think nothing of it.  Last month though, I noticed my finger was a little itchy.  Weird, but I still didn’t really think anything of it.  Then a few weeks ago, my finger started to get really red and irritated.  I took my ring off, cleaned it in the jewelry soaking solution you buy in the store, and the next morning put it back on.  By the end of the day my finger (after getting better overnight) was really really red, and hurt.  This time, I knew something had to be done.  I’ve had this ring forever, why is it NOW starting to bother me?

I noticed that underneath the ring where the diamonds are is a lot of empty space.  Space for nasty things.  I got a little pick tool from the garage and started carefully digging around.  I did knock some things loose.  A lot of scrubbing, picking, soaking. Then I started thinking, THIS IS SO GROSS!!  When I’m cooking things I take my ring off, but I pretty much keep it on for everything else.  

My ring is exposed to a lot of germs, and even though I’m constantly washing my hands, things can collect in your ring making it the perfect stomping grounds for germs, bacteria, lotions, hair products, gardening projects, car washings, you name it.  Think of all the things that get touched in a day.  

The rings I see nowadays at weddings are so beautiful and elaborate, and there are kinds of nooks and crannies where things can get stuck.  I got my ring cleaned today at my jewelry store, and got some helpful tips from their resident ring expert, Renee!

  1. Don’t wear your ring in the shower.  Soap is NOT good for your ring.  Your settings will weaken, soap and grime collect and get stuck, and some detergents from the shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc can be harmful to your gems.  Not only that, as the soap dries, your skin rubbing against it can get irritated.

  2. Do not wear your ring during meal prep.  If you are going to be plunging your hands into a meatloaf, take off the ring!  Not only is it just gross thinking of it, but again, you are asking for food and bacteria to get stuck in the settings, and in other hollow areas of your ring.

  3. If you wash your dishes by hand, take off your ring.  The soaps can hurt it, and again, bacteria can get stuck.

  4. If you are applying hand lotions, take it off.  Lotion gets stuck and makes your gems cloudy.

  5. Getting a head start on some Spring gardening?  NOT WITH THAT RING ON YOUR FINGER!  Wear gloves, or seriously- just take it off!



Some wedding bands are really wide, and water can get stuck in between the band and the skin. Renee says that your ring should be professionally cleaned “at least” once a month. If you are really wearing it and doing like EVERYTHING in it and you just never take it off, than she suggests once a week. Yikes. I need to step it up because I haven’t seen her in over a year. Another great reason to see your jeweler frequently: they can spot potential problems, sometimes catch loose settings before they fall out and get lost; some jewelers also require you to come in to maintain any warranty your ring may have been purchased with, so watch for that as well.

I hope these tips have helped, and encourage you to get your rings checked!

Have a great week!!

It happened!! It FINALLY happened!!

Awhile back my husband and I finally got a Saturday off together; we had taken the kids to lunch at our favorite S&B’s downtown and were juuuuust about to place an order when my phone rang.  I answered and there was a frantic venue coordinator on the other end.  “Hi Leia, are you booked today?” “Um, no.  But I am about to have a date with a cheeseburger-why what is going on?” “Well, I have a bride here who’s photographer is a no-show;  I need someone here in the next few hours.”  “Wow!  Ok! I’ll see you in a few hours!”

A wave of panic swept over me.  Not for me, not for my situation, but for the Bride.  How is she feeling right now?  How did this happen?  So. Many. Questions.  My husband and I looked at each other, wide-eyed and in disbelief as I relayed what I knew of the situation.  I have heard of stories like this.  It’s so crazy that things like this happen.  It would be like calling an Uber, and Marty from Back to the Future shows up.  It’s so confusing and surprising- that you almost really can’t put the shock into words.  All I knew is that we had to put our game faces on for this bride, and make her day right. 

See, what most clients don’t understand is that not only are we wedding photographers, we are also unofficial therapists.  We advise you throughout the day.  “Should I put the garter belt on now?” “I feel like I’m going to throw up.” “Would my mother in law be mad if we did a first look?” “This is MY wedding, and I want to take pictures out in the rain.” “My MOH and I just got into a huge fight yesterday” “I don’t want pictures with my veil on, but my mother does” “My dad is bringing his girlfriend to the wedding and I DON’T want her in any of the pictures!!” 

You name it, I’ve heard it ALL.  We are professionals though, and we take great pride in helping couples through the day.  We are either in a church or out in a field every week sometimes multiple times a week, believe me- we HAVE the experience.  We WANT to make sure your day is a success.  We want to see happy smiling faces, so when something goes wrong, we go into “fix mode.” 


We arrive, talk with the Coordinator again, and then meet the Bride. To my surprise, she is calm, cheerful, and has the support of her bridesmaids. I’m relieved. I get her off to the side in private, get more details on the situation, and asked her how she would like me to proceed. Just walking into this, I have no relationship with the Bride. I have no idea what her wants and needs are, or her expectations. Typically I spend months corresponding with Brides. We’ve done engagement sessions or Bridal sessions, I’ve met their family. Today- I am literally walking into a wedding where we know no one. She assures me that she is just happy we are there, and to treat this as if we’ve been planning this the whole time. OK! I can do that!

Needless to say, the rest of the day went off without a hitch, and she was lovely to work with. I’ve only read about situations like this- but now I get to write about it.


It’s hard to know how to prevent this from happening in the future. I wish I could tell a Bride, “do this and this and this” and your wedding vendor will perform the way you had planned! All I can offer is this:

Make sure they are a vendor that has been around for awhile- it helps if one of your friends know them, or has worked with them. Make sure you check in with the vendor regularly. If you booked them last year, and it’s been 5 months since you heard from them- write them to make sure everything is still on track for your big day. I’m big on confirmation emails. I want to assure, reassure, and assure the bride again that I. Will. Be. There. We are ALL busy. I’m busy running a business, running my girls around like an unpaid Uber, and dealing with my husbands crazy truck-driving schedule. Yeah, I’m busy. So are you. You shouldn’t have to check in with me to see if I’m going to show up. As busy as I am, I’m serious about running my business and giving you PEACE of mind. So while I may not email you during the day, rest assured you may get an email from me at 9:30 at night after everyone has gone to bed- checking in with you, making sure you don’t need my help with anything, making sure none of your plans have fallen off the rail…. I’m here for you girl!

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year! Big fluffy hugs to all of my 2019 brides. We CAN’T wait!! :-)


How will you remember?

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember the smell of Toys R Us.  My mom could have blind-folded me and I would have known the moment we walked into one.  I can't even describe the smell, but every store smelled the same.  Raise your hand if the warm "pop-corny" smell of Target isn't forever ingrained in our brains.  

Being a small kid, everything looked huge.  The aisles of toys soared over me, making it this powerful giant of a store.  I remember just being in awe and wonder of the latest "must-haves."  Toys R Us was such a huge part of everyones life.  It's like any other store that has been around forever- like Baskin Robbins.  Whenever we think of going to get an ice cream, don't you remember going to Baskins as a kid?  A giant familiar face in our lives is gone now.  The doors have closed and it will never reopen again.  All we have are our own personal memories of being in the store.  Do we have any pictures to commemorate the visits?  No.  We just have what is in our heads.  

The Bride and Groom walking down the aisle will always be remembered because hopefully you have hired a good photographer, and you will have thousands of grainy blurry cell phone photos from friends. That aisle will be one of the most important aisles you have ever walked down in your life.  That aisle will have your friends and family on it.  That aisle will have the memory of you walking down as a single person, and walking back up as a married couple.  What other aisle can do that? People might remember the smell of the florals, the weather, the sweat rolling down their backs (if it's an Oklahoma summer wedding), or the crisp wind (if it's a winter wedding).  People will remember how they felt seeing you for the first time, they might remember your dress, food, your cake.... but will they have photos of this?  Well, in this day and age yes, probably.  Photos help us remember.  


When we look at a photo we can remember the feelings, the weather, the smells, the day.  Without photos, it might be hard to remember details.  You may be able to pinpoint one thing here or there, but over the years everything else is forgotten.

This year I have heard a lot of "My cousin is gifting us with photos- thank you, but we won't need you."  or "Our friends are going to do it" or my favorite- I show up and there is another "fauxtographer" who will follow me around copying me.  Not sure why they will need everything twice, but ok.... or even better- the DJ or other vendor will follow me around with their cell phones capturing photos, shooting the same things I am (but I guarantee you- it doesn't look the same).  

Then come the emails.  "I should have gone with you!!"  "My friends' pictures didn't turn out the way we thought they would!!"  "Can you edit a cell phone picture for us?"  Ugh.  

When I saw a picture of Geoffrey leaving Toys R Us on the news last night, I immediately thought- "Well, I will always remember the smell and the feelings I had when I was a kid, and the distinct blue color of the walls, but I won't really remember anything else." And I kind of felt sad.  Sad that the only memories I have are in my head, and I have no other way to think of it or see it.  

I have no idea who took this photo (I did not take this) so credit to whomever took this!

I have no idea who took this photo (I did not take this) so credit to whomever took this!

I do have one last happy memory of going into the store with my mom a few months back, just like when I was a little kid.  I am so glad that we were there in the beginning, and at the end.  Together.  And just like all the times before, I will remember it in my head.  We hate selfies. lol  

How will your wedding be remembered? 


I Just Need A Photographer!

She contacted me out of the blue, emailing me like most do, wanting to schedule a consultation.  “I'd like a quote for my wedding, it will be very small, 100 or so guests... and it will be from 2-10 p.m.  I'd also like a second photographer, an engagement session, and a leather-bound album.”  So I emailed her my proposal (as usual) and moved on to other work I had lining up for my Monday morning.    



I quickly received a reply to my invoice.  “$3--- for an 8 hour wedding?? It's small, and the venue is local, and I've already overspent on the venue and the flowers, can’t you cut me a deal?”  No.  I’m sorry. But no.  Think this is a fake conversation? No.  Sadly it's not.  Is there a right order to hiring your vendors?  Should you have the venue before the photographer?  Should you get the cake before the flowers?  Should the DJ come before the food?  Sometimes I am hired out of order, meaning the clients have literally hired everyone else BEFORE they have hired a photographer.  After an $800 cake, and $3,000 in flowers, and thousands for the venue, why can't I do my job for $500?  


Let me explain.  You are paying for 11 years of sweat, tears, workshops, lenses, cameras, books, business classes, marketing courses, and photoshop classes, and finally after so many years, a consistent and dependable stream of work.  You are paying for an experienced professional who has the ability to anticipate moments that typically occur on a wedding day.  Wedding photography- done right- is supposed to tell the story of your special day.  The moments beforehand, the weather, the anticipation, the laughs, the tears, the details, the food, the camaraderie, the family-bonding.  The ceremony, the reactions, the nervous laughs, the vows, his reaction as you are coming down the aisle in your beautiful dress, your dads kiss on your cheek as he puts your hand inside the hand of your betrothed.  The first kiss, the first steps as husband and wife, the excitement as you are rushing down the aisle, the relief as you spend your first few minutes alone together.  There are so many other things, but to name a few- we know these things will happen.  When you decide to "hire your friend" will they know these moments will happen?  Will they know how to pose you so that you look your best? Will they know how to edit the photos properly?  Will they know how to design your album?


Each photographer around here will have their price for doing anything.  Many will take a headshot for $20 and charge $300 for a wedding.  They decide what it will cost for their business to run.  They decide their worth.  Your 8 hour wedding is way way over that.  After the consultation, the emails back and forth over the course of months and/or the year, the phone calls, the correspondence with the planner, the engagement session (if there is one), travel, time spent creating your timeline and making sure your day is outlined perfectly before we start--oh  and lets not forget the weeks of editing your photos.... Your 8 hour wedding is closer to 60.  

Quick question: After the flowers wilt, the venue is cleaned out, and the cake is eaten- what is left?  

Have a great week!


What? You mean my phone makes CALLS?

Hey, sometimes I forget.  I mean how many hours go by where you are staring at your phone, emailing, texting, replying to Facebook messages, and all without using the phone for its raw intended purpose.  MAKING A PHONE CALL.  I've ended that.  Well.. as much as I can anyway.  If a client is emailing me and it's going to be a long conversation, I'm picking up the phone and calling you.  If your text can't be answered simply- you're getting a call.  If your Facebook message is way more involved and includes a bullet list of questions- expect to answer your phone when it rings.  

Sometimes all of the messaging back and forth with our fingers really disconnects us from the fact that we are dealing with living breathing beings.  It's like we're all afraid to talk all of a sudden.  Hey, I won't bite.  Not in the first meeting anyways. :-)  My new goal is to reach out and talk more.  Hear my voice.  Let's have a real living conversation.  Let's laugh, joke, stutter, and share an awkward silence.  Sometimes I miss the art of conversing.

It may be startling for some, but every time I get a new lead and you leave your phone number, I'm picking up my phone and I'm dialing your number.  I want to talk to you, hear about your wedding day plans, and put a voice with an email.  

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Happy Anniversary to me!

I guess it's my anniversary.  I didn't realize it until I kept getting notifications from LinkedIn that people were messaging me.  I checked it this morning, and I see all of these notes of "Congratulations!" Oh yeah.  Congratulations on 6 years of officially being an LLC.  On 6 years of hard work, keeping my nose to the grind-stone.  6 years of failing, succeeding, pushing myself, struggling, and winning.  Not every day is a winner, believe me, but not every day is a struggle.   

Some days my desk is so crowded with books (that I never have time to read), batteries that need to be charged, Post It Notes EVERYWHERE, receipts, calendars, contracts, bills, that it's enough to want to make me turn immediately around and crawl back into bed.  I don't have To Do lists, I have To Do BOOKS.  It can do you say...OVERWHELMING.  

Every year gets better and better though; I have fallen into a rhythm.  It's like a dance, and rather then constantly stumbling and tripping over my feet to keep up, I'm beginning to glide.  I want to thank all of the clients that I have worked with over the last 9 years.  This career is more than I could have ever asked for.  Here's to 50 more years! Cheers! 




Jonathan + Minh

She said she read my blogs, loved my personality, and wanted me to shoot her wedding.  I was flattered.  I met Minh and Jonathan and immediately could see how perfect they were together. I have to have a connection with my brides, be it personality, common interests, TWD, dog lovers, ANYTHING.  I have been sooooo very fortunate to have had a connection with each bride I work with.  When they mentioned they were incorporating Star Wars into their wedding- I was taken.   We gathered around the table getting more and more excited about April 16th!

Here are some gorgeous photos from their engagement and TWO weddings (that's right, we shot 2 wedding ceremony's in one day) and it was really an epic experience.

I loved the story of how they met.  Minh should be a blogger because I love how she tells her story:

We met on  We emailed back and forth for about a couple weeks and then we exchanged phone numbers and texted/called for another couple weeks until our first date in October.  He came to pick me up in his awesome 1985 Mazda RX-7 and we went to eat sushi at his favorite sushi place Sushi Hayashi in Moore.  It was delicious! Then we went to see Seven Psychopaths.  I thought it would be funny and had a lot of actors that I liked, but nope.  I mean it was funny but it was dark humor and definitely not a good date movie.  Jon kept trying to find time to put his arm around me but then someone was brutally murdered, so yeah.  Needless to say, there was no good time for flirtatious gestures.  Fast forward a few dates, on our 4th date, we wanted to go somewhere and talk because all other dates were movies.  So we went to Tapwerks for some beer.  After a little drinking, we were sharing stories and came up on the topic of sad movies.  I mentioned Titanic and how I surprisingly didn't cry but when I watched Armageddon, I meant to say, I cried my eyes out or I bawled my eyes out, but instead, I said "I cried my balls out".  So embarrassing! I attempted to keep talking while I see Jon biting his cheek trying not to laugh.  After that everything was great, he is so funny and kind.  He is my big, hairy, cuddly bear and I love him for all that he is.

His Side

She knows me pretty well.....what she said and I do love her. 

But I digress, It was a typical night like any other. I was probably playing WoW or staring blankly at my computer screen. I suddenly remembered I had matches to go through on Match.  So I went through my daily matches and read profiles and looked at pictures.  I  came upon a beautiful woman with a profile name that I didn't understand. It read MinhsterCheese. Not knowing what I know now about her, (muenster being her favorite cheese and her name is Minh) I was intrigued and confused.  I read her profile and sent a wink to her thinking that would be the end of it. Low and behold she emailed me!  I remember that day because it made me extremely happy she was interested in talking to me. So this is where my story meets hers. She pretty much nailed it on the head.  It was crazy because everything just clicked with her. Even with our poor choice of movie, that first date was a lot of fun. We often look back on it and laugh.  I've said my fair share of goofy things, like telling her cooking is better than nothing. What I really meant was I couldn't think of anything better than it. I also once told her I loved her "so so" much, which could be confused with "meh" .  But she knew I meant I loved her a lot. Man, I could write a book of my word "mess-ups" haha. Having her in my life has been the best thing ever.  To quote a well known singer, "It's like you're my mirror, My mirror staring back at me, I couldn't get any bigger, With anyone else beside of me, And now it's clear as this promise, That we're making two reflections into one".  I can't wait to start our next chapter together and see what lies ahead.

She got her dress from David's Bridal-Vera Wang and isn't it gorgeous!  It was perfect and she rocked it!

The Skirvin did a beautiful job setting up the reception area.  From the table settings to the cakes, Jonathan and Minh's wedding day was really spectacular.

I caught a few snaps as they were practicing for their grand entrance into the reception.  

They had a second ceremony at the Skirvin, her dad walked her down the aisle twice in one day which I thought was truly awesome.  Jonathan's grandfather officiated the second ceremony.

They made their grand entrance, and had an epic battle!

The guests were completely surprised, and loved every second. 

It was so great to see their outfit change into traditional Vietnamese attire.

Jonathan and Minh incorporated the Vietnamese tradition of walking the tables to thank guests for their blessings and accept cards, gifts, and well wishes.  

Spending the day with Jonathan and Minh was really an amazing experience.  What I truly loved about it, was how Minh shared her family traditions with Jonathan.  There was so much love- and you know me. In love with LOVE!  Thank you for making us a part of your night you two.  Seriously- it was the best.  

Madison's on Main - Cake
Nexus Productions - DJ
Inaru Creations - wedding day of coordinator
Tori Hlad - Hair
Victoria Jakola - Make up
Hosty Duo - Band
Mom (Hong Truong) - Florist

Do Dinosaurs have lips?

I have no idea.  It's a question I heard yesterday, and I've been wondering ever since.  On another note, I've read countless articles over the years about musicians, artists, photographers, (and many other professions) being introverts.  I never knew what an introvert was growing up, I just knew that I preferred to be tucked away in my bedroom with a good book.  Alone.  Photography has changed that for me.  All I knew was that I wanted to shoot.  Never even considered that I'd have to actually market myself, sell to clients, meet people and talk about myself and what I could offer... that never even crossed my mind.  Plan 1: Get Camera, Plan 2: Shoot.  Plan 3: Come out of my shell. Wait. WHAT?!  

Many of the clients, and friends, and fellow photographers that know me, absolutely cannot believe that I am quiet, reserved, and completely content to just be alone by nature.  I'm a homebody.  I'm more than happy to run the office at home, and just hang out taking care of everything.  

The me that now exists since photography-is thrilled when it comes time to meet with clients to discuss their wedding plans-I immediately perk up.  I get just as excited about their plans as they are.  The intricate details, the invitations, the decor, the cake(s), the food, the dress, THE DRESS, the shoes, the jewelry, there are so. many. things!  Aside from the details, I am thrilled when the wedding party has ideas of their own on the wedding day.  My hands shake when I am in the room photographing mom buttoning up her daughter's dress, and the bridesmaids slowly walk in so as not to disturb the moment, and I catch them in the background, smiling, crying, eyes wide with excitement--their reactions are important, and absolutely MUST be documented. When my husband catches the groom writing a quick love note to his beloved, or when his friends gather around him for some last minute laughs.  When the reception area is completely prepared and pristine, and ready for pictures- I think of all of the magazines I've thumbed through, looking at pictures of these very moments knowing that magic is about to happen.

I have become a different person.  That shy quiet mouse disappears, and out comes a strong, confident woman.  One who coaches the bride into position.

who's not afraid to fix the dress for the perfect shot.

Got to make sure everyone looks sharp!

Veil feels loose?  Gotcha!

This job has done so much for me, how can I ever repay it?  Not many people can wake up in the morning and say, "I love my job.  This is where I'm supposed to be."  I get to say that.  I will forever be grateful.  

Moving here 10 years ago was a big change- but now, when the mailman asks me how business is going, or my UPS guy asks how big Angus is, or the lady at the post office doesn't even ask me what kind of shipping service I need when sending out photography stuff because I'm in there practically everyday... I know I am in the absolute right place.  I'm in the right place in my life, and the right place in personal growth.  Photography in itself is the right passion for me to pursue.  I was meant to do this.  I wasn't meant to hide out with a book.  I was meant to photograph the bride and groom's special day, the moments leading up to it, and the moments after.  

This is totally my job.  Pinch me, I'm dreaming. :-)

Until next week!


Chris + Mandy

Chris and Mandy are completely enamored with each other.  You can tell by the loving glances, the funny stories they share, the flirting- each time we meet they are more and more in love.   Add in their beautiful daughters, and they have the most adorable family ever!  This is nothing new- this love started back in 2012 when they crossed paths online.  After dating for awhile, Chris decided to plan a weekend in Dallas where he had decided to propose.  He was so excited however that he couldn't wait that long, and caught Mandy in the kitchen.  As Mandy says, "He told me that he couldn't wait another moment to ask me to be his wife.  We still had our amazing weekend in Dallas celebrating our engagement!  He also "proposed" to my girls before he married me.  It was important to him that they knew we were a family now.  I love that he loves not only me but my kids as well."  

Here are the beautiful photos of their day:

The love they share is rare and intimate.  You can feel it when you are around them.  This couple proves that love is not just shown, but felt.

Thank you Chris and Mandy for inviting us- your wedding rocked!