Chance and Liz Elliott

It's 3:30 when we arrive at the Festivities Event Center in El Reno.  It's warm, skies are clear and there is a refreshing breeze.  Inside, the old building is cool and has a lot of good history and old stories attached to it.  Today it is nicely decorated with beautiful tables, chairs, and photos of Chance and Liz together.  I smile at the photos, remembering when we took them during their engagement session.  We are wheeling our equipment in, when suddenly I hear giggling upstairs.  I look at Shane and we both smile.  The day is here.  After much planning and anticipation-the day is here.  After timelines, shot lists, emails back and forth- the day is here.  I go upstairs to let Liz know we've arrived and I am greeted with just love, happiness, and excitement.  Her dress is hanging near the bed waiting for photos.  She is sitting in a chair getting her hair and makeup done- her friends are gathered around, and there is love.  So. Much. Love.   

Liz's mom had a brilliant idea of using a crochet hook to button up her dress.  Genius-and it was soooo fast!

We were setting up the first look, and Chance was getting into place.  I caught the girls peeking on him before I ran downstairs.

I've never seen a ceremony like this.  This touched my heart to the very core.  Chance and Liz were not the only ones exchanging vows of love and commitment, Liz also exchanged vows with Jaci.  It was so emotional and so gripping that I had tears running down my face as I was shooting.  It brings tears to my eyes again as I'm writing this.  As a mother with 4 children- I absolutely understand how meaningful this was.  There wasn't a dry eye to be seen.    

We had the best time, and loved every minute.  Chance, Liz, and Jaci are a beautiful family, and we can't wait to see them again.  Thank you so much for welcoming us to the party.  Much love from us to you!