Alain and LaTonya Ayoh

It all started last year when I received an excited phone call from LaTonya.  She wanted to meet as soon as possible to discuss the wedding she was planning and the photography she really dreamed of having for her big day.   Her eyes lit up when she talked of Alain; she wanted every single detail to be absolutely perfect.  On September 26th, I finally got to see everything she had planned.

Every bridesmaids dress was purchased from a different store; it was a discontinued dress- so after calling 20 or 30 stores over the course of the year, she was able to collect them for her bridesmaids.  I. Can't. Even. Imagine!

From the place settings, to the cakes, to the flowers- all of the details were on point!  Tony Foss once again did a fabulous job and Gaillardia Country Club was the perfect location!! 

I love capturing those hurried few moments before a bride gets into her dress!

Right after the ceremony, I kidnapped both of them for a quick 15 minute shoot.  I swear these two are naturals.  They are both so spontaneous and lovely and make the absolute cutest couple.

As the sun went down, I stole them away again for this perfect shot.  True story- I practiced sparkler writing in my front yard with the girls- and sent LaTonya one of the photos for fun.  When I was setting them up for this shot, they remembered that photo and had a good laugh as they remembered the expressions on my girls' faces.  

This was a gorgeous wedding, and like ALL weddings we cover- I was so extremely excited about working with them to create such beautiful memories.  Alain, LaTonya- you are an amazing couple, with love that can be felt when your eyes meet from across the room.  I've seen it!  Thank you for inviting us to witness that love.  Hugs to you both!