Mitch and Ashley Hiebert

This blog is long over due, we traveled to Guymon in May to cover Ashley and Mitch's big day, and what a blast!  I remember how excited Ashley was when she came over to my house the week of her wedding- we were all gathered in my livingroom going over last minute details.  Ashley's family is so beautiful, so sweet, and so close.  We couldn't wait!  Here is Ashley's story: 

"Mitch and I met through some mutual friends while I was attending OU. We instantly hit it off and exchanged numbers. After that we didn't see each other for about a month because we couldn’t seem to find a weekend where we were both free or where I wasn't heading out to my parents, so we texted and even Skyped some nights. He was one dedicated guy! 😊 He had already planned what our first date was going to be and it was supposed to be a complete surprise, but I sweet talked him into telling me. He wanted to take me to Frontier City, but I kindly explained that I wasn't much of a rollercoaster fan, and asked if we could go to the OKC Zoo instead. So on September 15, 2012, we finally had our first date! I stayed with my grandparents in Covington that weekend and met him at the mall in Enid. He got out of the car holding daisies (I had mentioned earlier that was my favorite flower), and gave me a hug. I remember being so excited, yet nervous at the same time on our drive to OKC. But of course, he ended up being a total sweetheart, and we never once had any awkward silence the entire day. That night when he dropped me back off at my car, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course, I said yes! (I only needed one date haha considering we had talked constantly for an entire month before this day.) Anyways, from that weekend on, we spent almost every weekend together. And two years later on August 1, 2014, while we were on vacation with my parents in Colorado, he asked me to marry him! He had asked my dad in June during harvest if he could marry me, and so my parents helped plan the whole thing. My dad even recorded it, which is a great memory to have! After that, we began planning the wedding!"

I'll never forget the moment she threw me this killer look before going back inside!  I mean come ON Ashley!  She's got the man of her dreams and we couldn't be more excited.  Cheers to love and happiness Mitch and Ashley!  You are both so perfect!