I have been letting myself disappear!

As photographers, our job is to make the subject shine.  Whether it is a bride, groom, senior, engaged couple.  You are literally in the spotlight.  Not me.  It is completely natural, and nearly expected that as photographers we wear clothing that does not draw attention.  This mostly applies to weddings.  After shooting so many wedding last year, I found myself not only wearing black while working, but wearing black at home, to the store, out to dinner, meeting with friends... It was only this year that I realized, "I wear A LOT of black!"  I went through my closet back in March and took everything out.  All jackets, sweaters, hoodies, shirts, blouses, dresses, jeans- EVERYTHING.  I laid it all out on the bed.  I put everything I hadn't worn in 2+ years in a pile.  I then went through everything that was left.  

I kept 3-4 black shirts for work and put the rest in a pile.  I did this with everything- after hanging everything back up that I was going to keep I realized my closet looked very sad.  I'm not big on style.  I don't pay much attention to my style, I never really have. Honestly it's just not that important to me.  My big thing is comfort.  I move around a lot; bending, kneeling, standing, arms holding cameras or stretched high, etc.  I need clothing that stretches, breathes, flows.  I paid attention to styling my shoots, but I started to neglect myself.  I started putting myself last.  I didn't realize that until I was lovingly teased about constantly wearing black.  I needed to spice things up a bit.  I needed to start caring about myself.  

I took some styling tips from a female professional that I admire and slowly started working that into my closet.  Just one shirt here or there but one rule: It couldn't be black!  I'm proud to say a few months later that I have some color!  I say 'months' because I hate shopping for clothes, I'm very picky about what I buy, and it takes forever for me to make a decision.  I didn't want to go on a major shopping spree all at once just because my closet was empty.  I wanted to make key decisions and be very careful about what I bought, and what looked good.    

Life is supposed to be fun and full of color-I'm not going to let myself disappear anymore.  I'm not going to put myself last.  Weddings are one thing-I will still dress like a stealthy ninja.  In everyday life however-I'm spreading my colorful wings and flying. 


*What? No pictures?  I know!  I thought about it- but I figure you'll see me out and about.  :)