James and Harriet

I met Harriet when we realized that our daughters were the very best of friends.  We hadn't realized the girls depended on each other so much, but they were tight.  Like peanut butter and jelly tight!  Harriet and I became Facebook friends, and because the girls went to the same school, we kept in touch, shared funny stories about their latest exploits (they were both 4 at the time and had life figured out).  Harriet mentioned that she was getting married last year and I asked if she had a photographer, and well.  The rest is history.   Like all of the couples I am honored to photograph, you can instantly tell that James and Harriet are meant to be; they play off of each other and honestly- they didn't even realize I was there half the time.  That is exactly how I want any portrait session to be.  Effortless, easy, comfortable. 

After the engagement engagement session, the excitement for their wedding day began to build.  On March 30th, two wonderful souls became one.  Set on a beautiful piece of property right outside of the city- the most wonderful images were captured.