Steven and Sarah Izzat

So a few weeks ago, I received an email from Sarah, a lovely girl from Houston who was planning a wedding.  We bonded quickly over the meeting as she told me about the plans for her day, where she wanted the ceremony, and where the reception was going to take place.  We were both very excited about the details!  I asked how she met Steven.  Her eyes twinkled as she told me the story, and seriously, a movie should be made from this!  

A few years ago when she moved to Houston, she would frequent Parcels Plus to mail out packages, etc.  She befriended the clerk working there and over time they came to know each other well.  She stopped going there to mail her packages, after awhile due to work and life; in the meantime Steven started going to Parcels Plus.  He befriended the same clerk, who thought he really should meet Sarah.  He was skeptical, but checked her out on Facebook.  They became friends, decided to hang out, and discovered they had so much in common it was insane!!  They fell in love, and knew immediately they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  On May 22nd, before their families, they pledged their love.  I was the lucky one who documented it.  And get this, that lady from Parcels Plus is responsible for 2 other marriages!!  I think she is in the wrong business!  The Skirvin in Oklahoma City was a beautiful place to photograph their first look and bridals.