Let's Dance


The radio was ALWAYS on as a kid.  Either high or low, never a day went by that we didn't have music.  Waking up Monday morning and hearing that David Bowie had passed made me reminisce about the times we danced to his music growing up.  I remember Let's Dance and how my mom used to turn it up full blast, and we would dance in the living room, the car, or wherever we were at.  

Music has the ability to make you feel.  Music drowns out the world, or lets it in.  You pick songs that mirror your feelings, and you almost feel as if you have a friend there- someone who is there that you don't need to have a conversation with.  While I'm not a huge David Bowie fan (there were really only a few songs I liked) I am saddened to hear that he is gone.  Cancer is a bitch that must die.  It has taken too many loved ones.  RIP to all of our friends and family that are gone, we miss you.