Bridals in Chicago- Sign me UP!

Emily and I have been planning her wedding since last year and we have had so much fun doing it!  A few months back she asked if we could shoot her bridal session in Chicago, her hometown.  I excitedly said "YES!"  Since then we've been furiously emailing and texting back and forth coming up with ideas and places she wanted to go.  While this blog sadly won't feature photos from our AMAZING shoot-(you'll all have to wait until after March for that!)- I will share the awesomeness of my trip!

We left Thursday night, the 14th, and of course I couldn't resist a few photos of the beautiful city before we landed.

The moment we landed, Emily and her dad promptly introduced me to my first Chicago-style hotdog, which was really tasty.  Not like any hotdog I've ever had- full of flavor, spice, and awesomeness. 

Here we are getting a hot dog minutes after getting off the plane. :-)

Here we are getting a hot dog minutes after getting off the plane. :-)

After a good nights sleep, we are on our way to Mario Tricoci's salon where Emily went in for hair and makeup.   

While she was getting dolled up for the shoot, her Maid of Honor Shauna stopped in- I was so happy to meet her, they've been best friends since early grade school.  In short, they're sisters.  :-)

We took so many epic photos that day, and I can NOT wait to share!!  I mean... I'll have to wait- but seriously- I can't wait! 

This was State St. with my favorite store Zara! 

To get nerdy for a quick moment, the Canon 5D Mark III performed flawlessly.  This was my first shoot with it, and I loved it.  The performance was really spot on.  Of course I had my Mark II as my backup, but it was pretty easy to slip right into the upgrade.  Thanks again Emily, and Family for being such amazing hosts, and making me feel so welcome.  Can't wait to see you again in March!