What? You mean my phone makes CALLS?

Hey, sometimes I forget.  I mean how many hours go by where you are staring at your phone, emailing, texting, replying to Facebook messages, and all without using the phone for its raw intended purpose.  MAKING A PHONE CALL.  I've ended that.  Well.. as much as I can anyway.  If a client is emailing me and it's going to be a long conversation, I'm picking up the phone and calling you.  If your text can't be answered simply- you're getting a call.  If your Facebook message is way more involved and includes a bullet list of questions- expect to answer your phone when it rings.  

Sometimes all of the messaging back and forth with our fingers really disconnects us from the fact that we are dealing with living breathing beings.  It's like we're all afraid to talk all of a sudden.  Hey, I won't bite.  Not in the first meeting anyways. :-)  My new goal is to reach out and talk more.  Hear my voice.  Let's have a real living conversation.  Let's laugh, joke, stutter, and share an awkward silence.  Sometimes I miss the art of conversing.

It may be startling for some, but every time I get a new lead and you leave your phone number, I'm picking up my phone and I'm dialing your number.  I want to talk to you, hear about your wedding day plans, and put a voice with an email.  

I hope you all have a great weekend!