Joe + Kayla

We met at Sara Sara Cupcakes downtown last year, I remember having an album on the table, and my notebook out ready to take down some details about her wedding plans.  She walked in, and the first thing I noticed was her big bright smile.  We got settled and dived right into what she had planned so far.  As she flips through the album, I ask her how she met Joe.  I love the romance behind it.  Yeah yeah yeah... I love all the mushy details.  No I don't watch Lifetime. (Anymore).  

Kayla was studying abroad in England when she met Joe.  I KNOW!!  ENGLAND people!  They have so much in common, they fell in love.  Despite the challenges of having a relationship that is super long distance, they were determined to make this work no matter what.  He proposed, and she came back home to Yukon to get going on the wedding plans.  So here we are sitting in a cupcake shop while the love of her life is half a world away.  It got me a little choked up.

Fast forward to April 3rd and the sight of them together nearly brought tears to my eyes.  I had a small idea of what it took to make this day happen, airline flights, family coming over to witness the moment, and in that moment I just thought it was the greatest thing that Kayla and Joe brought two family's together from different parts of the world.  Now these family's are joined together forever.  Yukon and England.  It was a pretty big moment and definitely made an impact on me.

Here are a few snaps from the day (as the English say). :-)


Congratulations to Kayla and Joe, what a simply amazing and elegant couple.  She is packing her bags as I sit and write this, prepping to move to England.  This story has all of the makings of a movie, I'm telling you!  I hope to keep in touch with her so that I can live vicariously through her on Facebook. lol  So happy to have met both of you.  Cheers!