Do Dinosaurs have lips?

I have no idea.  It's a question I heard yesterday, and I've been wondering ever since.  On another note, I've read countless articles over the years about musicians, artists, photographers, (and many other professions) being introverts.  I never knew what an introvert was growing up, I just knew that I preferred to be tucked away in my bedroom with a good book.  Alone.  Photography has changed that for me.  All I knew was that I wanted to shoot.  Never even considered that I'd have to actually market myself, sell to clients, meet people and talk about myself and what I could offer... that never even crossed my mind.  Plan 1: Get Camera, Plan 2: Shoot.  Plan 3: Come out of my shell. Wait. WHAT?!  

Many of the clients, and friends, and fellow photographers that know me, absolutely cannot believe that I am quiet, reserved, and completely content to just be alone by nature.  I'm a homebody.  I'm more than happy to run the office at home, and just hang out taking care of everything.  

The me that now exists since photography-is thrilled when it comes time to meet with clients to discuss their wedding plans-I immediately perk up.  I get just as excited about their plans as they are.  The intricate details, the invitations, the decor, the cake(s), the food, the dress, THE DRESS, the shoes, the jewelry, there are so. many. things!  Aside from the details, I am thrilled when the wedding party has ideas of their own on the wedding day.  My hands shake when I am in the room photographing mom buttoning up her daughter's dress, and the bridesmaids slowly walk in so as not to disturb the moment, and I catch them in the background, smiling, crying, eyes wide with excitement--their reactions are important, and absolutely MUST be documented. When my husband catches the groom writing a quick love note to his beloved, or when his friends gather around him for some last minute laughs.  When the reception area is completely prepared and pristine, and ready for pictures- I think of all of the magazines I've thumbed through, looking at pictures of these very moments knowing that magic is about to happen.

I have become a different person.  That shy quiet mouse disappears, and out comes a strong, confident woman.  One who coaches the bride into position.

who's not afraid to fix the dress for the perfect shot.

Got to make sure everyone looks sharp!

Veil feels loose?  Gotcha!

This job has done so much for me, how can I ever repay it?  Not many people can wake up in the morning and say, "I love my job.  This is where I'm supposed to be."  I get to say that.  I will forever be grateful.  

Moving here 10 years ago was a big change- but now, when the mailman asks me how business is going, or my UPS guy asks how big Angus is, or the lady at the post office doesn't even ask me what kind of shipping service I need when sending out photography stuff because I'm in there practically everyday... I know I am in the absolute right place.  I'm in the right place in my life, and the right place in personal growth.  Photography in itself is the right passion for me to pursue.  I was meant to do this.  I wasn't meant to hide out with a book.  I was meant to photograph the bride and groom's special day, the moments leading up to it, and the moments after.  

This is totally my job.  Pinch me, I'm dreaming. :-)

Until next week!