Fuji.... You had me at CLICK.

It's been quite a few months since I've posted a wedding blog- quite honestly I'm way too busy.  Wedding season doesn't have me walking, not power walking, not sprinting, but running full speed ahead like Usain Bolt at the Olympics.  The weddings I've had in my career so far have been NOTHING short of fantastic.  While you could say, "if you've shot one, you've shot them all!" I simply cannot say that.  Each one is different, each one is personalized and has the bride and groom's own beautiful spin of creativity and fun.  I've been fortunate this year especially to photograph weddings full of tradition, uniqueness, color, new traditions, culture, and beauty.  With all that being said, it has been difficult for me to keep up on the wedding blogging like I had been doing for awhile.  I'm going to catch up on blogging my weddings in the Fall/Winter.  

While so much has happened this year, the biggest BIGGEST change has been with my budding relationship with my Fuji cameras.  In March I started shooting full time with my X-Pro 2, while my husband shot with the 5DMIII.  I had read so many blogs and watched youtube videos on other photographers making the switch that I really wanted to try it.  I'm always up for a challenge, but I was disappointed.  Not in the way you think.  I was disappointed because this wasn't much of a challenge at all- in all honesty, it was easier to be a photographer living in the moment, which is what I've wanted to do THIS ENTIRE TIME!  I am able to be as stealthy as a ninja (and dressing in black helps- I love black and had already written a blog about it).  Mirrorless cameras have gained a lot of attention as of late- and rightly so.  While it was fun playing with the X100, graduating to the X100T, the X-T1, X-Pro2, and now the X-T2, I've got to say- Fuji listens to its users and adjusts accordingly.  I've followed the Fuji line quietly.  I'll tell you one thing, while last year I was nervous about using any Fuji at weddings because of what other people would think if they saw me holding that camera vs the huge Canon with a 70-200 attached- all of that has gone out the window.  These cameras work so well in so many different situations with an unbelievable amount of accuracy and speed that I honestly don't care what anyone thinks.  I'm here to take photos.  Period.  Just know that I'm doing my job, using the best tools that get the job done faster and more efficiently.  Only one person has ever asked me what kind of camera I'm using, and she was a bridesmaid who mentioned she has a Fuji point and shoot, and loves the line.  


September 8, 2016 We sold all of our Canon gear and made the commitment to shoot Fuji (X-T2) full time.  Lessening my workload, the weight of my camera bag, editing stress,  and the expense.  I'm not at all saying that shooting with Fuji is going to be a carefree walk through the park full of rainbows and unicorns.  And besides that would be a little creepy.  

I've had challenges earlier in the year shooting the reception where I'm triggering my lights; but after making some adjustments and learning what works and what doesn't- everything comes out perfect.  Whether shooting against a bright window OR NOT- I'm able to make quick changes.  I'm not spending time fiddling with settings as the moment is literally disappearing right before my very eyes.  I'm able to make all of my changes through the viewfinder as I'm looking through it- checking the back of the screen has disappeared.  When I can get shots STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA that look like those posted above, COUNT. ME. IN.  Call me an idiot for leaving Canon.  Call me careless, and call me a fool.  Guess what.  This blog is not for you.  It's for the clients who hire me.  Do you want to know how happy this bride was when she got her photos?  VERY.  As are all the brides I've had.  They don't care what I'm using.  If we are producing work like this- it doesn't matter.  Their favorite camera is the one that works!

Now as for details, I did purchase the Fuji 60mm Macro.  I liked it for about 5 minutes- then sold it.  It was slow, it hunted, it was just plain aggravating.  It reminded me of the Canon 100 (non L).  I've had some amazing luck with the MCEX-16 extension tube however.  

This blog isn't being written to get people to switch.  I'm certainly not being paid by Fuji either.  But after all of the years trying to keep up with Canon, I've opted for the simple life.  My husband has really enjoyed shooting with these as well.  We are both able to let loose on creativity more then ever and just concentrate on taking the shot.  

In no way am I bashing Canon.  They make some wonderful gear.  We've just switched our tools around allowing us to be who we were meant to be.  No one can put a price on that.  It will be fun this Fall to catch up on blogging all of my weddings.  I'm excited to see how my photography will change.  I'm looking forward to evolving.