Dear Canon, I'm filing for divorce.

While it may come to a shock to some, others know that I've been going in this direction for some time.  Fuji stole my heart a few years ago, but I really thought "there is NO way I can quit such a well known brand!" After all, all of my equipment is maintained through CPS, Canon's customer service has always been fabulous, and the quality is awesome.  

Fuji is also pretty fantastic though, and I have shot the last several weddings with it.  I know I can do my job with the tools I have, and really, that is all that matters.  After tons of research, following well known photographers all over the world, and personally working with the XPro2, the XT1, the X100T, and the X100- I am ready to be fully committed.

Making adjustments in camera has allowed me to work faster, more efficiently, and the images turn out more beautifully straight out of the camera with minimal editing.  When you are shooting weddings, fast-paced skill is a MUST.  Fuji allows me to do that.  With a few turns of any dial, I know exactly what my photos are going to look like before I hit the shutter.  They are light, they pack amazing quality, and I am not able to tell what was taken with the Canon vs what I took with the Fuji.  What I am noticing is a huge difference in my workflow.  Editing is faster, culling is faster, life is easier.  And yes, faster.  I haven't even taken my Mark III out of my rolling bag in the last few weddings.  

I'm not going to lie, there have been some challenges.  While I can still use Canon's flashes with my Fuji, it can only be done in manual.  I can still use my triggers and lights, and the Fuji does wonderful in-studio!  I haven't been pleased with the 60mm macro that Fuji offers, but did purchase an extension tube, and that takes ring shots like you wouldn't believe!  I use the XT1 and the XPRO2 during the wedding.  I would love to work with Fuji personally, and be a part of their world-wide Ambassador Program, as a Fuji X Photographer.    We'll see.  For now, I'm happy doing my job with the help of an awesome set of mirrorless cameras.