How will you remember?

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember the smell of Toys R Us.  My mom could have blind-folded me and I would have known the moment we walked into one.  I can't even describe the smell, but every store smelled the same.  Raise your hand if the warm "pop-corny" smell of Target isn't forever ingrained in our brains.  

Being a small kid, everything looked huge.  The aisles of toys soared over me, making it this powerful giant of a store.  I remember just being in awe and wonder of the latest "must-haves."  Toys R Us was such a huge part of everyones life.  It's like any other store that has been around forever- like Baskin Robbins.  Whenever we think of going to get an ice cream, don't you remember going to Baskins as a kid?  A giant familiar face in our lives is gone now.  The doors have closed and it will never reopen again.  All we have are our own personal memories of being in the store.  Do we have any pictures to commemorate the visits?  No.  We just have what is in our heads.  

The Bride and Groom walking down the aisle will always be remembered because hopefully you have hired a good photographer, and you will have thousands of grainy blurry cell phone photos from friends. That aisle will be one of the most important aisles you have ever walked down in your life.  That aisle will have your friends and family on it.  That aisle will have the memory of you walking down as a single person, and walking back up as a married couple.  What other aisle can do that? People might remember the smell of the florals, the weather, the sweat rolling down their backs (if it's an Oklahoma summer wedding), or the crisp wind (if it's a winter wedding).  People will remember how they felt seeing you for the first time, they might remember your dress, food, your cake.... but will they have photos of this?  Well, in this day and age yes, probably.  Photos help us remember.  


When we look at a photo we can remember the feelings, the weather, the smells, the day.  Without photos, it might be hard to remember details.  You may be able to pinpoint one thing here or there, but over the years everything else is forgotten.

This year I have heard a lot of "My cousin is gifting us with photos- thank you, but we won't need you."  or "Our friends are going to do it" or my favorite- I show up and there is another "fauxtographer" who will follow me around copying me.  Not sure why they will need everything twice, but ok.... or even better- the DJ or other vendor will follow me around with their cell phones capturing photos, shooting the same things I am (but I guarantee you- it doesn't look the same).  

Then come the emails.  "I should have gone with you!!"  "My friends' pictures didn't turn out the way we thought they would!!"  "Can you edit a cell phone picture for us?"  Ugh.  

When I saw a picture of Geoffrey leaving Toys R Us on the news last night, I immediately thought- "Well, I will always remember the smell and the feelings I had when I was a kid, and the distinct blue color of the walls, but I won't really remember anything else." And I kind of felt sad.  Sad that the only memories I have are in my head, and I have no other way to think of it or see it.  

I have no idea who took this photo (I did not take this) so credit to whomever took this!

I have no idea who took this photo (I did not take this) so credit to whomever took this!

I do have one last happy memory of going into the store with my mom a few months back, just like when I was a little kid.  I am so glad that we were there in the beginning, and at the end.  Together.  And just like all the times before, I will remember it in my head.  We hate selfies. lol  

How will your wedding be remembered?