It’s really not something I think of often.  I mean who does?  Once a year I take my ring in to get the settings checked, and to get it cleaned, but other than that, I wear it and really think nothing of it.  Last month though, I noticed my finger was a little itchy.  Weird, but I still didn’t really think anything of it.  Then a few weeks ago, my finger started to get really red and irritated.  I took my ring off, cleaned it in the jewelry soaking solution you buy in the store, and the next morning put it back on.  By the end of the day my finger (after getting better overnight) was really really red, and hurt.  This time, I knew something had to be done.  I’ve had this ring forever, why is it NOW starting to bother me?

I noticed that underneath the ring where the diamonds are is a lot of empty space.  Space for nasty things.  I got a little pick tool from the garage and started carefully digging around.  I did knock some things loose.  A lot of scrubbing, picking, soaking. Then I started thinking, THIS IS SO GROSS!!  When I’m cooking things I take my ring off, but I pretty much keep it on for everything else.  

My ring is exposed to a lot of germs, and even though I’m constantly washing my hands, things can collect in your ring making it the perfect stomping grounds for germs, bacteria, lotions, hair products, gardening projects, car washings, you name it.  Think of all the things that get touched in a day.  

The rings I see nowadays at weddings are so beautiful and elaborate, and there are kinds of nooks and crannies where things can get stuck.  I got my ring cleaned today at my jewelry store, and got some helpful tips from their resident ring expert, Renee!

  1. Don’t wear your ring in the shower.  Soap is NOT good for your ring.  Your settings will weaken, soap and grime collect and get stuck, and some detergents from the shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc can be harmful to your gems.  Not only that, as the soap dries, your skin rubbing against it can get irritated.

  2. Do not wear your ring during meal prep.  If you are going to be plunging your hands into a meatloaf, take off the ring!  Not only is it just gross thinking of it, but again, you are asking for food and bacteria to get stuck in the settings, and in other hollow areas of your ring.

  3. If you wash your dishes by hand, take off your ring.  The soaps can hurt it, and again, bacteria can get stuck.

  4. If you are applying hand lotions, take it off.  Lotion gets stuck and makes your gems cloudy.

  5. Getting a head start on some Spring gardening?  NOT WITH THAT RING ON YOUR FINGER!  Wear gloves, or seriously- just take it off!



Some wedding bands are really wide, and water can get stuck in between the band and the skin. Renee says that your ring should be professionally cleaned “at least” once a month. If you are really wearing it and doing like EVERYTHING in it and you just never take it off, than she suggests once a week. Yikes. I need to step it up because I haven’t seen her in over a year. Another great reason to see your jeweler frequently: they can spot potential problems, sometimes catch loose settings before they fall out and get lost; some jewelers also require you to come in to maintain any warranty your ring may have been purchased with, so watch for that as well.

I hope these tips have helped, and encourage you to get your rings checked!

Have a great week!!