David's Bridal

Chris + Mandy

Chris and Mandy are completely enamored with each other.  You can tell by the loving glances, the funny stories they share, the flirting- each time we meet they are more and more in love.   Add in their beautiful daughters, and they have the most adorable family ever!  This is nothing new- this love started back in 2012 when they crossed paths online.  After dating for awhile, Chris decided to plan a weekend in Dallas where he had decided to propose.  He was so excited however that he couldn't wait that long, and caught Mandy in the kitchen.  As Mandy says, "He told me that he couldn't wait another moment to ask me to be his wife.  We still had our amazing weekend in Dallas celebrating our engagement!  He also "proposed" to my girls before he married me.  It was important to him that they knew we were a family now.  I love that he loves not only me but my kids as well."  

Here are the beautiful photos of their day:

The love they share is rare and intimate.  You can feel it when you are around them.  This couple proves that love is not just shown, but felt.

Thank you Chris and Mandy for inviting us- your wedding rocked!