How to save time AND waste it quickly and efficiently

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about how I completely replaced my laptop with a tablet.  Of course I have a desktop- but for on-the-go work, showing client albums, replying to emails quickly after business hours, keeping up with my website, social media, reading, or passing time in a doctor's office- a tablet is really the way to go.  This week, I am focused on one single app that has completely revolutionized the way I keep up with my favorite blogs.  

Feedly.  Feedly has changed my life.  If it cooked and did dishes, I'd probably marry it.  Seriously though, this little app is truly amazing.  Just as my title says- this app can help you save time by collecting the feeds from all of your favorite blogs all into ONE place.  Of course it will help you waste time in such an organized way it's hard to feel guilty about it.  

You can search for topics that are of interest to you and start following those just to get started.  You can also search for specific websites and whenever a new blog is written from that site, it will automatically import into Feedly.  You can also discover blogs that you never knew existed! (hence the wasting time part).  I open this app every 2 or 3 days- sometimes depending on how busy I am- it might be a week or more.  All of my favorite blogs are on here, just waiting to be read.  It's like magic.  

All of your blogs show up on the left hand side if you feel like looking to see what you are subscribed to-otherwise the list stays hidden.  It's easy to see what you have available to look at, the interface is simple and clean.  If you feel like reading a blog at a later time, you can save it to Pocket- which is a handy app that collects blogs or stories on the net- so that you have one single place to read them.  

Another great thing, is that you can share whatever blog you are reading to social media.  I love sharing blogs about weddings to my Twitter account.  Occasionally I'll share a blog on Facebook, or copy a link and share it somewhere else.  

So there you have it!  This app is completely awesome, helps me stay organized, but also allows me to keep up with my favorite blogs without wasting hours on the internet searching for them.  If I have to search for so many- I will end up forgetting a few- so having them imported to one app is fantastic.  Anyone can use this obviously- not just photographers.  Teachers, educators, engineers, students... you can tailor this for YOUR interests.  I've included links within this post so that you can check it out for yourself.  Feel free to leave questions or comments, and I will respond.  If you do get it, be sure to follow MY blogs if you aren't already! Hope you all have a fantastic and productive week!

Until next week!


Why I kicked my laptop to the curb and embraced my tablet

I remember 10 or more years ago when people were wondering if they could ever work off of their laptops completely without their desktop.  Fast forward to today- when tablets are quickly taking over as the new portable way to bring work with you!

I was completely against a tablet.  In fact my husband forced me to get one.  I didn't even want a new one because I was absolutely sure that I did not want one in the least.  To get my feet wet, we went to a pawn shop and bought an iPad.  I played around with it.  Still surfing the net on my phone. Checking email-on my phone.  Doing everything I'd always done-on my phone.  That iPad must have sat on a shelf for 2 or 3 months collecting dust.  It wasn't until I had coffee with a friend (who lives on nothing BUT his iPad) that I started to see some benefits.  He excitedly poured over all of the cool apps he had, the awesome blogs he was reading, the colorful galleries he had set up.  All of a sudden- the iPad was AMAZING!  I went from not caring about a tablet at all to completely embracing it.  

Needless to say- I loaded some great photography apps, was able to keep up with other blogs easier, and best of all, it was so light and thin that I could easily slip it into my bag when I was meeting with clients.  Showing them full galleries was a breeze- although I loved my laptop- I realized taking it with me to client meetings was a little cumbersome.  A tablet was better.  So. Much. Better.

A few apps I love: Feedly (great for keeping up with blogs all over the net!)  It keeps them all in one spot without having to surf your favorite sites.  Dropbox, Weatherbug, Twitter, Pages, and Pocket just to name a few.  Most of the apps I have are specific to my photo galleries, and my web hosting company.  

To solve the keyboard issue- because I NEED to type on a keyboard- I bought a Clam Shell case.  Yes, they are a little pricey- but totally worth it.  It's one of the best cases I've ever used.  

With everything we need to take with us nowadays, I can only imagine slipping my iPad into my messenger bag, along with my albums and studio samples.  I can no longer imagine bringing my laptop along.  

Really accepting my tablet was one of the best things I could have done.  I know it sounds ridiculous to some- but in all honesty- I'm very busy.  I don't have time to waste.  Tablets are quick, easy, light, small, and in my opinion a necessity for photographers.  I am interested in trying out Cam Ranger with it someday too- because I hear that is absolutely fabulous while you are shooting!! 

Until next week!