kansas wedding

Get Outta Town!

So yesterday we had a beautiful wedding in Elkhart, Kansas.  That is coming in a later blog post- so stay tuned!  I wanted to share this time just a few snaps from our journey.  I had never been to the Oklahoma Panhandle, and was excited about the trip.  I have studied the Dust Bowl pretty extensively over the last few months and I knew that passing through that area where most of the Dust Bowl took place was going to be totally awesome.  Well. Kind of.  You see, it is very flat, and there is really nothing there.  There is a lot of farming that takes place, so you will see houses here and there- but no major stores.  I'm not even sure where they buy groceries.  You pass a gas station here and there, there were 2 schools we saw, but it is just miles and miles of land as far as the eye can see.  Like this: