mario bros

The face of winning, confusion, and utter defeat

Hey we all played Mario Bros as a kid right?  Since the dawn of the Wii we have the original Mario Bros loaded onto it, the girls play it.  I know I know- but hey no need to play violent 'shoot em up' games and plus they get a kick out of it.  They can't believe their 'old mom' used to play it when I was their age.  Because they get so involved in 'not dying' I've noticed that their facial expressions are so varied during the game.  I thought it would be fun to capture their expressions as they were playing:

Let the hilarity ensue!  One has almost won the game, the other is figuring out how the controller works, and the third one tries to remain calm as they are getting close to the end of the level.  It is funny. Serious. And heartbreaking.  Expression to me is so interesting. On everyone.  I love catching "natural."  Kiely may or may not have called me 'creepy' while I was shooting- she asked, "why would you want to take pictures of this???" Why? Um. It's entertaining.  Each one handles the game so differently, just like anyone else.  Life is handled so differently.  Some people keep trying until they win.  Others are confused but still putter along, and still others are cautious, take defeat silently- but keep moving.  We could all learn a lesson from these kids you know.  Just. Keep. Going.  Never give up!

Have a great week everyone!